Allgäu Needlestiches 2018

Wow – we had two fabulous days at Oberstdorf. Actually it was three days for me counting all my travels to get there and back home again.

The Allgäu Needlestiches take place at the ice rink at Oberstdorf each year – and I was excited to be part of the yarnfestival this year for the first time.


Together with Katrin Kania from  Pallia – Mittelalter hautnah we had our time-tested mutual stall. It is really stressfull to be a sole vendor at a large yarnfestival and together we can assist each other when necessary, but also we can take an occational break and the other steps in.

This was the first time we were able to use our rear wall cover which we were more or less gifted last year at the Needleworld in Karlsruhe. The lovely ladies from our neighbouring stall had their last fair and had no more us for the wall-covering. And isn’t it fabulous – I am still excited how awesome it looks and also that I can pin the shawls and wraps so easily now to the back-wall, which my lovely test-knitters have knitted from my plant-dyed yarn.

The guest and visitors where just awesome! A clear idea how good quality has to look like – which makes my heart sing!
Thank you very much to all the lovely visitors that weekend for fabulous conversations, awesome new ideas that I am taking home with me. Hope to be there next year again.

A huge thank you to the wonderfull organizers of the Allgäu Needlestitches, who setup such a beautiful and classy fabric and yarn festival each year.

Have a look at my Batad in progress (pattern by Stephen West, yarn by me, High Twist 4-ply, color-ways Coal & Thundersky) – I am taking part in the  #diedreivomblogKAL  with it and keep working on it.




Check out this photo – I am really excited about it: it was taken right before the opening on the first day and you have a fabulous view on the lovely presentation-knits my lovely test-knitters did for me with my plant-dyed yarn. Stay tuned – I will soon write some more on them. 


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