FibreShare – I am taking part!

I am super excited!
This is the first time I am taking part in FibreShare – you can still signup on the er FibreShare-Seite until 20 May 2018.

What’s it all  about?
It is an international fibre exchange – you send yarn or fibre to an asigned person and somebody else sends you a package with yarn, fibres and probably other nice things. It is about giving and receiving and of course about getting to know other fibre-enthusiasts around the globe! 

The first time I heard about FibreShare was on the German podcast Frickelcast– and I fell in love with the idea instantly! But – there was no fibreshare happening at that time. So I signed up for their newsletter and a few days ago I got the announcement that a new round is open for sign-ups – so I am taking part now!

There is a small fee to pay for taking part – this money goes towards replacement-parcels in case you do not receive your parcel. I think that is a great way to handle such situations and it helps that all participants will have a great experience, even if things do not go smootly.

Overall it is all about getting in touch with other fibre-enthusiasts!
You get to know your fibre-exchange-partners online and learn what others love about fibre and yarn and wool and spinning and knitting and all the wonderfull things we do with fibres!

At least what is the theory – for I have not taken part in a fibreshare before, this is my first time.
And that’s why I am super excited about it.

So, if you want to join as well, sign-up is open until 20 May 2018 via the FibreShare homepage.


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