Back from Nadelwelt Karlsruhe 2019

3 days of all things patchwork, quilt, cloth & yarn – that is the Nadelwelt (Needleworld) Fair at Karlsruhe.

Apart form the actual trade fair Nadelwelt also offers workshops and a fabulous exhibition each year. I admire all the craftsmenship necessary to create such awesome needlework and make room each year to make a quick walkthrough of the exhibition.

This was my 5th year as a vendor at Needleworld. As a large international trade fair this is a huge stretch for a tiny one-woman show as Alte Künste. Therefore I teamed up again with Katrin Kania from pallia – Mittelalter hautnah for a shared stall. This always had a touch of vacation – apart from the actual 3 days of the fair we also have the setup- and packing day together. Which means 5 days of scheming and planing future yarn adventures togehter!

But most important are our visitors & customers!
Great talks on yarn, natural dyes, awesome patterns to knot or crochet, new knippling ideas – but what I personally love is when people show me their finished projects made from my natural dyed yarn. It is such an honour to see what they have created with many hours of work. These are 3 intense days that nourish me for a long time.
Thanks to everybody who dropped by, chatted and generally made this a fabulous time!
We will be back next year again – with new ideas & adventures for you!

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