Back to the Roots: Luxury Socks is again Luxury Socks.

Our favorite super soft sockyarn is switching its name back to what it used to be: Luxury Socks!

The last few years this yarn bases was called High Twist – but now we are switching back to the name we gave it originally: Luxury Socks – almost too good for just socks!

The yarn base itself is still the same by Atelier Zitron.
We changed the name here at Alte Künste from Luxury Socks to High Twist a few years back – and we had some really clever reasons for doing so. Mostly associated with the indiedyer situation in Germany and that High Twist was and is the name of the base given by Atelier Zitron.

But as things often go – things changed for us when we introduced BFL High Twist as a new yarn base last year.
BFL High Twist and High Twist – you see what happended? People started to confuse the 2 bases. And we started to yearn for our old name: Luxury Socks – to distinguish it from the BFL.
Therefore it is back to the roots and it is Luxury Socks again!

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