Lightfast colours

“Does this work?”
“Are those colours lightfast at all?”
“Don’t they fade rapidly?”
“Do they wash out?”

These are the standard questions coming up on the topic of plant-dyes and natural dyes. And my answer is quite simple:
Of coures my natural-dyed fibres are lightfast!

There are plants whose colours have survived millennia and today they are just as brilliant and colourful as they were when they were dyed. Just check out a museum to see for yourself. Alongside those lightfast colour there are plants whose colours do not last that long, those fade over time.

The Knowledge which plants dye lightfast and which do not has never been lost. It just takes a bit of effort, research and joy in trying things out to get lightfast natural dyes.
I have tested all my dye-recipes on their lightfastness and they are based upon recipes and natural dyes which are light- as well as wash-fast. So they will not fade during washing either as long as no bleach is added.

I deliberately do not use any plants that are not light- and wash-fast. The only exception are specific dye-recipes that are intented to make a less lightfast plant more lightfast by combining it with other dye-plants – those are the little dye-secrets that make my heart beat faster!