Update: 2 dates for our Indigo Dye Class in 2019

Due to high interest in this class we will be offering 2 dates for this class:
30 November and 1 December 2019

One day workshop on Indigo Dyeing in Cologne

Right from the vat

We will be starting an indigo vat from scratch together and keep dyeing with it for the day. This class is all about you getting to know the details of starting your own vat and feeling comfortable dyeing with it vat at home!

Besides all the hands on work we will also focus on the theory of indigo-dyeing and how vats work – including fermentation vats.

We will learn ways of trouble-shooting if our vat is suddenly not doing what it is supposed to do – or what we think it should actually be doing.

Our colour range will go beyond just blue. We will be doing overdyes as well to get greens and purples.

Indigo – not just blues

For furthere details and registration, go to Hand Herz Seele.

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