Pre-orders open: Alte Künste Yarn Clubs

Pre-orderes are running from now until 24 February – or until sold out.

We have been planning this for quite a while now and finally, here they are:
Alte Künste Yarn Clubs, or in German: die Woll-Kiste (the yarn-box).

The yarn clubs are surprise packages of yarn that follow a colour theme.

For our first yarn club we chose “flight of the bees” as our theme – inspired by the spring & early summer flowers bees are encountering after their winter-break.

Each Alte Künste yarn club consists of 3 packages. Every 2 months there will be a new yarn club package coming your way – and that will happen 3 times!
(please note that for all shipments outside of Germany, we ship all 3 in 1 parcel due to pandemic fees for shipping – see more below on international shipping)

You can choose among 3 variations of the flight of the bees – yarn club:
Yarn-Classic – with your classic 75/25 sockyarn in fingering

Yarn-Bliss– with different, high quality sockyarn in fingering plus bee-themed gifts in each parcel.

Yarn-Dream – extra large with our Big Merino 150g: pure merino yarn in fingering and extra large 150g skeins, plus bee-themed gifts in each parcel.

But wait – there is even more: you are only paying shipping costs once for your region.
On top of that you can buy more yarn or other things from the Alte Künste shop and have them added to your yarn-club parcel without additional shipping costs!

In order to keep international shipping costs from skyrocketing and thus making an international yarn club more or less impossible, we have decided to include all 3 yarn-club packages into 1 international parcel.
You can choose your yarn-club version in the shop and your shipping costs will be added once according to your delivery address.
International shipping of the yarn-club boxes will be April 2021 at the earliest.

Huge thank yous are going out to the participants of our weekly online stitch’n bitch as they pushed me hard to finally get the yarn club going!

Check out all details on the different versions of the club:  –> this way

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