DIY-evening at Casa Alte Künste

Wie die Goodie-Marker entstehen
I am making stitch markers tonight - every parcel from Alte Künste contains some kind of give away, stitch markers oder yarn samples. These are things that I enjoy myself to receive. 

 What you will never find in our parcels: sweets or any kind of food. I have some strict dietary restrictions myself and it is always a sad reminder  when I find things I am not allowed to eat as give aways in parcels myself. 

 When I send off Alte Künst yarn I want the recipients to enjoy their parcels - and I like adding small surprises. But I do not know most of you - I cannot assess what you can or cannot eat. I do not want to send you things that you may not have in your household for very good reasons. 

So it is yarn & stitch markers - I hope you like them as much as I do!

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