Charity Dye 2021: Msichana

The Charity Dye for 2021 is “Msichana” – Swahili for girl!

This colourway is inspired by the omnipresent kangas in Kenya:
the kanga is much more than a clothing piece, it can be used as a skirt, head-wrap, apron, pot-holder, towel, and much more. The kanga is culturally significant on Eastern coast of Africa, often given as a gift for birthdays or other special occasions.

All skeins of this colourway are varigated skeins ranging from orange to a warm red. All skeins differ slightly but all go together nicelay as all botanically dyes do. Msichana is dyed on our Big Merino 150g, our super soft pure merino yarn in fingering weight. For each sold skein of the Msichana colourway we will donate 7€ to – see further down for which project excatly. It is quite an ugly issse, but money resolves it easily.

An avalanche starts with one pebble:
With the donations from our first charity dye 2020 we were able to buy health insurance for more than 30 kids last year.
After making it through 2020 Kilifi Vomwald School in Kenya decided that from this year on all kids at Kilifi Vonwald School will get health insurance via their sponsorships!
I am still flattened that together we contributed to this massive change! All of you rock!!

So we need a new project for 2021 then – of course I am staying with and Kilifi Vonwald School in Kenya:

For each skein of the Charity Dye 2021: Msichana we will donate 7€ to to supply the girls at Kilifi Vonwald School with sanitary pads on a monthly basis – even when schools are closed due to Covid-19.

Here comes the ugly part into play: (trigger: sexual exploitation)
Lack of access to products for menstrual hygiene is a reason for high rate of teenage-pregnancies in poor regions of Kenya. Often girls are offered a pack of sanitary pads in exchange for unprotected sex. And since they do not have the money to buy sanitary pads, there is often nothing else for them but to go along.
This is were comes into play by supplying all girls at their school with soap, underwear, towels and sanitary pads, on a monthly basis or as need be.

Unfortunately menstruational cups or washable pads are not an option. Neither of them are workable solutions in an area where water supply is scarce and unreliable. not only supports the girls but also offers educational projects for all young adults on contraception, concent and health protection.

Last year I told why I support . Check out my blog post.

Of course you can donate directly to without buying yarn.

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